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Ortho Division - Level 1 Exam (Level 2 Pre-Requisite) *Application Deadline June 19th, 2015*

Att: For candidates looking to take the fall 2015 Level 2 UQ in Moncton but have not yet completed the Level 1 exam, see below. An organized sitting will be held in Moncton on Sunday July 19th at 12:00 pm.


Max Health Institute

18 Champlain St. Unit 4

Dieppe, New-Brunswick

Contact Jean-Michel Cormier @ for details/if you are looking for an invigilator. 

"Hi everyone,

I have received so many requests from students across the country hoping to challenge the L1 exam or re-write a L2 or L3 exam they were recently unsuccessful on before September courses begin that I have decided to open up a special sitting this summer to accommodate.

 Here is the schedule (no exceptions or extensions):
SUMMER 2015                                    

  • Application deadline                      ‑ June 19

  • Examination mail‑out                    ‑ July 6

  • Examination return deadline          ‑ July 24          

  • Results mailed out                          ‑ August 15

Please have your students use the attached version of the information document & application form to identify themselves as being in this sitting.

Also, you should warn them that if they are unsuccessful with L1 they will need to withdraw from the L2 Course they have registered for and have any penalty applied as per your cancellation policy.

Hope this helps, thanks, 

 Kaely MacMillan


Challenge Examination Coordinator

Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Orthopaedic Division

550 Snelling St

Victoria, BC

V8Z 2B4"