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New Advances in Hip Rehabilitation for Physiotherapists (Nova-Scotia)

New Advances in Hip Rehabilitation for Physiotherapists
(EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted to know about the Hip!)
David Lindsay BHMS BPhty MSc, Head Physio, University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre
Geoff Cuskelly BHMS, BPhty, Director Tower Physiotherapy, Calgary AB
Nova Scotia’s only 2015 Date & Location:
May 2nd & 3rd 2015, Cobequid Community Health Centre, Sackville NS
Cost:  $590 (includes all taxes)
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General course info:

Course Description:
Recent research combined with improved imaging techniques and surgical interventions around the Hip have given the medical community a much better understanding of the biomechanics and pathologies affecting this very important joint. The hip joint is the critical link between the ambulating lower limbs and trunk. Its articular configuration allows almost unlimited directions of movement and it has more muscles attaching around it than any other single joint in the body. This very practical seminar take a VERY MODERN look at the biomechanics and muscle physiology of this amazing joint that will change forever your understanding of how the hip behaves in a manner that makes PERFECT sense.
“This is a Very Powerful Course that not only Compliments Everything you Already Know about the Hip but Explains so Much More about What you Don't Know”
Topics covered include; OA, Labral tears, F.A.I., and iliopsoas syndrome. Afternoon “hands-on” workshops showcase recently developed differential diagnoses tests for hip pain and highlight scientifically supported rehabilitation strategies developed over a 20 year period at the University of Calgary Sport Medicine Centre. Furthermore, the benefits and potential pitfalls of arthroscopic surgery will be discussed. Comprehensive myofascial techniques will also be taught. The course manual is very comprehensive, fully referenced yet easy to read. For additional course information including academic program and seminar schedule:
NEW biomechanical understanding, NEW assessment techniques, NEW treatment approaches & a very up-to-date and extremely practical course manual.
“I would like to thank you for what I consider the best course that I have ever taken in my 20 plus years of physiotherapy practice.  It has been not only useful professionally but also personally.... it was one of those rare courses that was so well described that it was immediately applicable on Monday morning…”