The Back Mechanic

Client education is a big part of the service that we can offer as physiotherapists. A lot of times, we would like to offer more education than we are able to in one single session, or even over multiple sessions. Thankfully, there are certain resources that we can make available to clients to learn more about how they can improve their pain and functionality., and also help remove painful triggers from their lifestyle. Below is a link to Dr. Stuart McGill's most recent book, The Back Mechanic. If you have given this a read already, or are planning to, let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Ortho Division Symposium

This year, the CPA's Congress is set to take place in Victoria, BC, May 26-28. As always, the Ortho Division is hosting their annual Symposium on May 26th, and will take place from 8:00-12:10. This year's focuses are exercise prescription, the hip joint, and a tribute to physiotherapists working with Olympic athletes. Check out the link below to register and learn more about this event!

The Mechanics of a Treatment Approach with Dr. Stuart McGill

There are podcasts about just about anything these days, so of course there has to be one geared towards the physiotherapy profession that is fun and exciting to listen to. The Therapy Insiders Podcast hosts many guest from all aspects of physiotherapy, and in this episode the man of the hour is none of than Dr. Stuart McGill. Have a listen and browse their website for other interesting topics.